Pi Coin Price

Agree with every thing above. 

From @ testius  

Currently and until pi goes into phase 3. Pi official open market value is and can only be o

Why is that ? The start of phase 3 is when cord will write the Guinness block of pi blockchain. 

Pi has to exist before it can have any value. 

But and it is a big but. There are many trains of thought on pi starting value. And believe they are all correct for the model following or trying to set up and create. 

The divide comes from what is current in use today. 

And what a lot believe pi is. 

And what is being used today is what most are fixed on. And the only way it can be. Sorry folks might want to dig deeper into the history on money from the big empires across history. They did not all follow the system used today.   

Pi is not following the system of what has come before it. Just about every thing in pi’s design is different then any thing else.  

Just how the project is. Starting out is one of the biggest differences. When the projects launched to the public. They where pretty much completed from the protocol and blockchain end. Ready to start processing transactions. To either get listed or get on the exchange and to get coin distributed and raise funds for the project. Ran an ico or an ieo ( used today because of all the scams ) or took Stack of cash and an application to the exchange to get a listing. Which opens the project to investors or deep pockets. That now have a say in the project ( because want return on that investment ) and starts to create a concentration of Wealth. 

Pi Network

And gets the coin trading on the exchanges. And starts to create value in trading volume. As well as a way to mine or earn coins. And opens to public trading or the one earning that coin finely get there coins. And ready to dump them for what ever. And the big player are right there to buy up what ever they can get a hold of for that price. And now it lives and is traded and controlled today’s system

None of that is happening in pi. 

All of us in pi are on the ground level of pi. Part of its development. 

Here before it even has a Blockchain up and running disturbing pi around the world. With no ieo or outside investing. It hasn’t even developed that far yet 

Ads are being used to keep out side investment out of pi. Core has stated they are not looking at going after an exchange listing. Right there alone says not looking to live and trade on the exchanges. 

And back in nov/dec of last year core open in app transfers to small group of Pioneers. That stated making pi transaction. And starting to work on use case and pi value 

And it is not pennies. Pi value will come from community 


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