What is a Pi Chain Mall??

Pichainmall is a market that a pioneer Can buy and sell products or Items using PI Coin. And also is a big plaace to make a shopping and Deliver to your own desire address.

"Pi Chain Mall (PCM) offer barter services to Pioneers of Pi Network all across the world. Sellers can list their products they would like to trade in exchange of Pi, just like any other e-commerce platform. It is based in China. Do select your country at time of login, to see products available in your area.

Since Pi Network has entered in the enclosed mainnet phase, with huge number of KYCs approved everyday, Pioneers are looking forward to good value for their Pi. The value can either be monetary or in terms of commodities, like what Pi Chain Mall caters."


Steps on How to Create Pi Chain Mall Account:

1. Log into your Pi Browser

2. Click on "Brainstorm.pi"

3. Click "Continue"

4. Select "OK" as you can see on below Image 

5. Scroll down and Find out "PI CHAIN MALL"

Pi network

6. When it open you can see A drop down link click it. Then click on the Address link Https://www.pichainmall.com

7. It will take you to home screen of the Mall, then Click on "Account"

8. Click on Log And wait for a few seconds to create account, After that will show you a dashboard And your Username will Appear and you balance. 

9. A small Pop Up will appear telling you to Set a Location click on it and Select you Country.

 After that continue enjoy your Shopping.

If you have any questions feel free to ask. Place a comment.

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