Why does a man refuse to answer when a woman confesses her love??? 

This is our topic today, and we will discuss with you followers of this page to know. The reason why when women say they love men they don't get accepted are many reasons and everyone knows the same reason. But most of the reasons There are some that are more popular. If a Woman Says She Loves a Man, She Shouldn't Show Failure to Show True Love, because everyone knows that women are better than men at making true Love. And women are shy that's why the word I Love You is difficult to say in their mouth. 

But Why When They Confess Most Men Don't Believe??? 

Women are divided into different categories in the Love system:

There are women who claim to love a man but he doesn't know it. They even show him signs in terms of work or daily interactions when they get the chance, but their efforts are not successful. Such when they utter the word of love to a man, they really love him, and their love becomes stronger. But such women are very poor. 

There are women who only want a man who takes care of them and they interact with each other even if the man is attractive to them or if he good in Clothing, nice in Talking or something like that. So these women are found in many, but the love they show to men is not visible because it is not built on the right foundation. Or They tell the word love to a man and he accepts it but not good in relationship. 

Love Message for him

There is a Final Part Which is where the Problem lies. These women only say the word of love to a man in the name of deception or interference or revenge or insult. These women are the ones who say the word love to a man after he accepts their Love and make it difficult for him. 

We Men have something in our heart but something that hurts us, that's why when a Woman says she loves a Man, he thinks it's just a lie that she utters the word of love to him. Why does he have to accept it, or he accepts it but wanders around with a woman's mind, all because he avoids a deception. 

This is what I call to women if they confess to a man the word love and it is really love and not deception, then follow the right way to say it to him. 

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