She must be the guardian or caretaker of her spouse at home

The woman is the guardian who will stand by her husband in any situation, whether good or bad. She will stand behind him and have no hidden agendas. She will announce to the world that he is the best. She will use her voice to work for him.

She is the guardian who will speak up for her spouse if anything happens in life. She will not hesitate to be firm and steadfast, as there is no doubt about her loyalty. You can help him with money or advice in his life. You will help him to know his way and guide him to be better in his work.

She is the guardian who is knowledgeable about her spouse's well-being. Your duty is to take care of him both internally and externally, especially when it comes to their truth. Do not abandon them if you doubt the truth, correct them, and support them. Do not belittle them.

Good wife

She is the guardian who does not hide anything from her spouse about his feelings or troubles. Your task is to be the main supporter and the reason you have become a wife is not just for show.

She is the guardian who is always ready to devote her attention and focus on her family. She can handle everything she has to help her spouse and build a good family.

She is the guardian who will not let her family be destroyed and will know how to prevent this from happening. Do not become the kind of women who only desire money and status that the family brings. Control how you handle what is in your hands and be responsible for what you have.

She is the guardian who understands her spouse's emotions and supports him. Then she expresses their beliefs.

She is the guardian who is not intimidated at any time.

She must not be intimidated at any time, she should be patient and tactful when dealing with challenges.

She is the guardian who knows how to communicate with her spouse at any time. She can understand her spouse's language.

She is the guardian who does not give her spouse a hard time for no reason, and does not give them a difficult time if they are there. She will not take advantage of the vulnerable to give them a hard time in the community. Always be at home.

These are the qualities of a true guardian.

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