1. Never go back to the woman who cheat you before.

Going back to the woman who make you suffer, Who hurt your feelings, who turns your heart upside down, who disappointed you, will never be a solution to go back to her again. I better live your life and mind your business with another person who value you and respect you.

2. Never let a woman disrespect you.

Letting a woman to disrespect you is disappointing to you and your friends. When a girl or woman starts disrespecting you, dump them out. Why? Because She does it To show you how disappointed to be with you and you are not making it clear to her, this will affect your emotions also your heart.

3. Never shake a hand while sitting down.

Shaking a hand sitting down show that you're not valued the one you are shaking hand with. He or she will feel disappointed and she will one day stop giving you hands to shake. Take note.

Rules for men

4. Never be broke to impress others.

Don't force yourself and make hard your pocket suffer, just to make people happy or make them laugh or to entertain others. 

5. Never eat the last of something you did not buy.

Especially in launch or Date. Is also make feel shy because the person sitting right beside you will think you're hungry more than him or her maybe he will start feeling bad for you.

6. Always have ambition to be better.

Be every time with positive ambition for yourself and other family members.

7. Protect who is right behind you and also respect who is right beside you.

Don't Overreact when you are supporting others because at that time you are hurting other so don't Let your protection to others to hurt others too.

8. Take minutes after getting asked a question before answer.

Think before you talk is a good advice to everyone. So think deep to a good question to give a good and better answers.

9. Never in a relationship to beg.

In a good and Romantic relationship you never have to beg a woman for love. If the woman does not want to be in the with you begging them to stay will only lead to disrespect for you. In a relationship Disrespect never to tolerate.

10. Do an Exercise at least 3per week.

Doing an Exercises make your body stay healthy clear, Doing exercise can improve one's fitness and performance. 

11. If you were not invited, do not ask to attend.

Wait your turn, maybe some days you're the one that sent invitations to others.

12. Never Stay Empty pocket, cash or electronic money.

Something can happen everyday every time and the money is going to be needed to avoid renting from others.

13. Dress well, no matter what or how the occasion is.

To avoid Being disrespectful and disappointed.

14. Listen Carefully, nod, make eye contact if needed.

When you're talking to someone, Listen before you talk, Nod to show that you're listening, Make eye contact can help you understand.

15. Discover multiple ways for making money.

Don't stay one way only, have a multiple ways of getting money help your pocket never go dry.

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