Short love messages are very effective in increasing the bond of love, love letters are useful for the life of lovers girlfriend and boyfriend or husband and wife. 

A short message of love can make the heart of lovers more passionate, Short words of love They express and describe what the heart contains to the lover or lover. So if you want to show your love to your loved ones, It is good that you send them some amazing and special short love messages! 

Short Love Messages: 

01. On You I Pull The Wings Of The Love So That It Doesn't Fly Because I Can't Be Separated From You. 

02. When you entered my life, I got many joys that even money can't buy for me. I love you. 

03. Love is luck, finding you is a good thing, but your entry into life is a fate that is hard to find. 

04. There is a collection of wisdom that God has kept for man in his heart, the greatest wisdom that God has given me is to find your love. 

05. A Heart Without Bones It can change as much as it wants, but your love does not change in the heart through all the hardships of life. 

06. I will give you everything I own except my life, if I give you my life I will give you my life. You are my dream. 

07 I will live until my death, I will put you in my heart as much as I breathe. 

08 These days, I am only living my love, can you give me an example if you are not in my life? 

09 I love you more than I loved you yesterday, and the love I will give you tomorrow is gone today. 

10 My love for you is like a journey that has no end.  

11 You are the one who steals and does not want it back. 

12 I am lost in your love, the kind of lost that no one can find where I am. 

13. All my skills are working on your love. Because you are the only one I love. 

14. Your smile is a search for me, your laugh is a special happiness. I love you forever. 

15 I don't need the help of any woman if you are not there, I only need yours. 

16 The example of my love is the example of sea water, it never dries up. 

17. Apart from breathing, you are the second thing I need to live. My queen! 

18 Happiness is like a medicine that does not perish, and everyone has a chance to get it, for example, I am!

19 You took the key to my heart, so no other woman can get in. You are the queen of my heart. 

20. It is said that a human being makes mistakes, I don't know if I make mistakes. 

21. You are the only one who can satisfy me in the whole world, you are half of my body! 

Wasikun Soyayya

22. Just as the white flower is recognized among the red flowers, so your love is hidden in my heart. 

23. I want three things for you, eyes that don't cry, mouth that doesn't break, Love that never dies. 

24. The price of picking up your love in my heart is always rising, because I don't want to sell anyone because you don't deserve it. 

25. I have ruled over three things, my heart, my soul and my trunk. 

26 I have no one like you in my life, don't run away, stay with me, I will be a shield for you.

27. I agree with you, and I will be your privilege in life, I am with you when it is difficult. 

28. Missing you is a sad evening for me, missing you is lonely my love. 

29. I want us to be friends, not friends, so that we can have eternal Love.

30. I woke up in Love, now I am living in Love and you are a sign. I love you so! 

31. If you are not with me or you are not close to me, you are always in my mind and I have my heart. 

32. It's hard for me to have no quarrel with each other, even if we try to make amends. I laove you so. 

34. I promise you that I will be there for as long as breath will stay in my body. I will not spread it! 

35. My life will be set, I understand that I will be happy in the world. 

36 You are the blood of my body, you are the eyes of my sight, the one who does not worry about our enemy, Hubby! 

37. I dedicate my life to you, rule my heart, I am your privilege because I love you. 

38. My mind will be at rest the day I see you in a room covered with a wedding veil, I call you my bride. 

39. Today I will announce, the world knows that you own my heart, and I am the happiest and most happy, thank you my trust! 

40 My beloved! My love for you is true, the words that come out of my mouth are real. Believe me! 

41. I love the sound of your voice.

42. What a morning, I am happy for you when I say that you are with me in my life. 

43. I love you, I love you so much, I really love you, I will continue to love you until the end of my life. 

44. I will fight it no matter who it is, it is up to you, I give my life to be redeemed. You are my world! 

45. I'm Lucky To Have You My Love, I Love You So Much! 

46. ​​I don't get tired of seeing your beautiful eyes that look like the women of paradise! 

47. My wife, I love you, thank you for being with me! 

48. I am blind to you, until you are in a position where I don't recognize anyone when you are not there, Your love is too much in my heart! 

49. As you make me happy, I have to put you in the lovers' paradise! 

50. If we get married, I don't have any fear, because I will vote, I will only rule to release happiness.  

51. I have been in my thoughts, always thinking of you, how are you, I wish you to be mine! 

52. Our promise is here, I am here, no separation, no deception, no betrayal, always Happy Habibina! 

53. Sometimes my eyes are filled with your picture, but I know that my love is for you, because you are in my heart! 

54. You came into my life When I didn't expect it, you taught me how to live my life. I love you! 

55. You are special, you are the light of my heart, sometimes you are confused, you are charming. I love you with all my heart! 

56. I will not run away from you, whatever situation you find yourself in, I am with you, understand me! 

57. You take care of me the way you should, that's why I love you more in my heart, that's why I planted you in my heart. 

58. Who I love, who I love, who I will live, who I will die, my promise is that I will not change!

59. My heart only wants to be with you, my mind is totally focused on you, my heroine! 

60. Everything I have done to you, tell them, no excuses, it was your love that drew me, I love you with my soul! 

61. My peace of mind is having you as my wife, I know I will not cry, because you are mine! 

62 You are my heartbeat, I can't live without you, I can die for you! 

63. There is no one I can love like you, because you taught me how to love true. I love you Shalele! 

64. All the things that my heart will do, if it doesn't meet with love like manure, then it is Qila-Wa-Qala! 

65. God has ordained my meeting, no one can separate me except God, why I am not playing with your love! 

66. You are the joy of my heart, I can't cry when you are near me, even if my soul is sad and I am smiling! 

67. Face the story Your love shows, I love you happily, I'm having fun and laughing, Your love makes me forget the pain of life! 

68. I miss your love, because you are the only one God gave me, and I don't want you to escape from me! 

69. Before meeting you, my eyes were sore, the first look I gave you healed them! 

70. When I am sick, hearing the sound of your voice is like a cure from the disease, I love you. 

71. I have been looking at you as my wife since the day I looked at you for the first time! 

72. When I sleep, and when I wake up in my heart, I am proud of SO and love, I have no work in my soul but I love you. 

73 If you look at the heart, you will see that it is full of your love, I cannot remove you from my heart. 

74 When I look into your eyes, I don't see anything but my love. I love you so much baby! 

75 You are the choice I need and want, you stole my heart long ago, you left nothing, let alone another. 

76 I love you so much, that's all I can say to you, you make me feel the best in the world, I love you. 

77 Your love flows through every vein and every part of my body, no matter what I look at, I see your love is different. 

79 You are my world. My time is yours, you own it, or sometimes I dedicate it to you. My father! 

80 If I can give you something in this life, I will give you the full opportunity to measure the love I have for you. I love you! 

81 No one can make me happy like you do, You know Passion. You are my happiness Sahibata 

82 If I am to provide you with something, then I will provide you with a mirror so that you can look into my heart, and see how you have overthrown my heart, you are the beating of my heart. 

83 I want to have some strength to prove to you how special you are in my heart, you are a word that draws in my heart. 

84 When you stand in front of me, I feel as if I hugged you and ran, because of your love. 

85 My eyes want to see, my heart wants to, My hands want to hold, my nose wants to smell you, Baby, you are different. 

86 When you're not there, you're not there, you're happy with your life, you're not there with a hot heart. You are my queen. 

87 Love is not likeable, there are few words to describe it, I can only say I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

88 My job is to love you, I love you more than anyone else, so I will not treat you as a joke. I love you! 

89 Your smile is good, your laugh is speechless, you can walk, everything about you is beautiful, I hope we can be together. 

90 If I am asked to talk about you, I will spend the time explaining how you are in my heart, I am happy to be called yours. 

91 You have a good heart, you have a good attitude, you fulfill all the rules that you need to be loved. 

92 You know the happiness of the world, you showed me your love, you took care of me, what else can I ask for? After denying me everything. 

93 Who wants to become a very easy thing for me by revealing to me a complete and genuine love. Thank you my blood! 

94 At the beauty pageant, you are my best, you have won the beauty competition that my heart has set, Where are the women, come and see my queen! 

95 I give you my honor and respect, because of your dignity, I told you I love you!

96 I am someone else's talent for mine, I will print a stamp of honor, so that you give me the kingship of your heart! 

97 You have bought my trusting heart, all your secrets you have given away, you have left me nothing but the heart, son of God, don't be far from me!  

98 My wife! You are the only one in my heart, because you are suitable to receive my dowry, I trust you to give me everything I own! 

99 I dreamed that we would become women and me, while you were tasting the honey of your love! 

100 Half of my body! Today I gave you a royal appointment in my heart, the kind of appointment that has never been given to a girl before! 

101 I want to be by your side every day, because I love listening to the sound of your voice like that of a canary, I love looking at your smile like white milk! 

102 Love is not hidden, I promised you and I will keep it, I am with you, my friend!

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