Although the base mining rate may drop, Pioneers have multiple ways to increase their individual mining rate, by making contributions to the network. In addition to mining everyday, you can boost your individual mining rate by:

👉🏻 Completing your Security Circle, to maximize Security Circle rewards (bonus for max 5 members)

Thsi steps will help keep your mining rate up, and is not stopable, it will keet it forever, Try it ASAP.

👉🏻 Inviting others to join Pi with your referral code, to increase Referral Team rewards.

Try harder to Invite your families and friends to create pi with your Invitation code.

👉🏻 Reminding your existing Referral Team to mine

👉🏻 Setting and commiting to a Lockup configuration or increasing your current lockup commitment

👉🏻 Engaging with the apps on the Pi Browser directory to increase App Usage rewards

👉🏻 Running a Node on the Testnet to increase Node Rewards.

Please refer to the New White Paper Chapters to understand the reward formulas. And keep in mind that all formulas of new mining are subject to some tuning.

Pi app Menu > Mainnet > New White Paper Chapters

Pi Network

What is the value of Pi?

To those new Pioneers please take your time to read

the FAQ

Pi Coin has NO MONETARY value at this time. This

project is still in beta.

Today Pi is worth approximately 0 dollars/ euro etc.

similar to Bitcoin in 2008. Pi's value will be backed by

the time, attention, goods, and services offered by

other members of the network.

By pooling our attention, goods, and services around

a common currency, Pi's members seek to capture

more of the value that typically goes to banks,

technology giants (e.g., Facebook, Amazon), and

other intermediaries.Today, we are laying the

infrastructure for this digital currency and

marketplace by distributing the currency, building the

community, and developing the technology to ensure

its security.

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