Women are some kind of creatures that the Almighty God Create for Men. Not all men can go through life without woman. And there is no any woman can do life without a man in her life. Women are amazing, hander-some and beautiful in good looking they are also glamorize.

Any man that his eyes look forward and saw a beautiful women he can feel something in his hearts.

There is a way women love things about men, like the men they have their desired type of women they want to date or love. Like Beautiful face and body, Yanga, nice voice and shape, and this kind of amazing life styles are the ones in reality. Men and women have their own desire when it comes to choosing a partner.

So now, what happen when you see a women and you don’t know how to talk to her?

Here are some ways on how to make a woman fall for you at first sight:

1.     Well dress: first you have to be neet and good look when it comes to dressing and fassion. Because women love a man who can dress well. If you have bear comb it.

2.     Look at her and examine her to understand how she dress, walking, smiling talking etc. is  because this can give you a hint you can use to gain and attract her attention. Women feel their self at high step.


3.     Bayan Karantan Yanayin shiga da tafiyar ta, sai ka tunkari inda take. Don’t go close to her when there are people around because women shy multiple eyes. You have to save some wards that can bring her attention and have some in your reserves.

4.     Don’t call her ‘young women’ or small girl’. Instead call find lady, beautiful one. Why? Because you don’t know which family she came from and what her step. Wasu matan Akwai girman kai sosai, and you have to be smile at the time you approach her. Have some verbal.

5.     If she is walking is possible that she have somewhere else to go, maybe home or market etc. escort her to wherever she goes and express your heart goal, tell her anything you fell about her.

6.     Don’t forget a smiling face, use some jokes, and blink eyes. Greet her at first give her that value. Because women love euphemism.

7.     Can I have your time please? You can request her number, and home address.

8.     Some women are good in wretch, so you have to prepare for anything at any time.

9.     If you can spend the whole day with her, don’t move without getting her contact number or address. Wasu suna bada Wrong number especially when you do not performed well.

10.                         Make sure she give time to call her. Evening or morning, and don’t be late.

Worning: in nowadays, women don’t tolerate cheating, befooling and deception. Becareful if you are not prepare to get married. make us you favourite site.




11 Things To Do To Make Woman Love You


1.     Call her in morning, and ask her how she is, what she feel about you. And tell her how she is in your heart. And do some prayer for her.

2.     Don’t lie to a woman or break her heart. Girls hate break-up.

3.     Make sure your friends know her, and tell them how you adore her especially in her appearance. How you love her, women love that.

4.     Make sure all her demand were solve by you, and in time. Also when she needed. Even if you don’t have enough money, do your best.

5.     Compliment to her when she give you some gift.

6.     Spend enough time with her as long as she needed you. Don’t let her miss you.

7.     Make some joke, women love a man who can make them laugh, smile and happy.

8.     Give her give regularly, particularly sweet, cake, or chocolate etc.

9.     Hangout with her together with your Abokai.

10.             Make her sure that you have only her in your heart, no one else. And make some promise.

11.             Don’t get angry when she is around, make her feel secure when you are together.

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